Friday, 13 January 2017

knitted cable hat and jumper update

Happy New year to you all! I have been neglecting posting on my blog again, there is always other things to do but most important I have still found time to craft. The jumper pattern has been sorted and I have just one more sleeve to go before it is finished

I have also knitted a new hat to keep out the cold, today we had our first snow with very strong wind so my hat was just the job.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

finished knitted patchwork cushion and jumper project

The cushion is now backed with a matching green material and a knitted border.

My next project is a new jumper

I am having problems with this pattern already, I started knitting the front first but the triangle pattern in the middle didn't look right. There are two stitches C2F and C2B, I think they have printed the instructions wrong as the C2F is worked on the back instead of the front and the C2B is on the front, I have always knitted them the other way round before. In the end I started to knit the back and I will test the pattern

Friday, 18 November 2016

knitted patchwork cushion

I have been working on a knitted patchwork cushion, at first it was going to be a blanket but it was taking to long so I decided on a cushion. I knitted different sizes of blocks using different knitted stitches and embellished them using mainly chain, cross stitch and lazy daisy stitches. I now have to add a border and back

I have also made another parchment Christmas card

Friday, 7 October 2016

parchment cards

Hello everyone
 Has any one had any trouble with their blog? All of my blog list disappeared for a few days but now I have got them all back again so what went wrong is a mystery!

I have been doing more parching so here are the cards that I have made this time.

 These two cards are for my niece's Birthday


Friday, 16 September 2016

chicken doorstop

This week I have done a little fun knitting, I have made a knitted chicken doorstop to sell at the knitting clubs charity Macmillan coffee morning.

Friday, 2 September 2016

parchment cards

I have been doing lots of parching over the last few weeks, I am finding it very enjoyable. I still haven't got most of the tools but I have been improvising and making do. The hardest thing is matching a colour for the back of the parchment as it changes the look of the colours. Here area the cards that I have made so far. I have tried to make each one a little bit different so that I am learning new ideas all the time.
This was the first card that I made for my Mum's Birthday

The open book card was an idea I had after seeing some fantastic examples on the internet. I was pleased with my attempt but they are not in the same league as some of the others.

 This card was placed on a blue background

 This is may second attempt, I have made the pages more fancy around the edges, added a darker colour for the background and a different braid. I have made three of these all for my friends and family.

 This one was made by just embossing the parchment

This card is one of my favourites, I like how delicate and feminine it looks

Friday, 15 July 2016

A mixed bag of crafting

I have finally managed to finish my Aran jumper, it seems to have taken for ever. I am pleased with the jumper but my husband doesn't like the colour but being a woman I will take no notice and wear it anyway.

I have been watching a couple of programmes on the HOCHANDA channel about parchment craft and found myself very taken by the techniques. I have bought a pair of parchment scissors and some paper and these are my cards that I have made so far.

This was the first card that I made, I haven't tried the perforating techniques yet so I embossed the pattern and then painted on the reverse,

with this card I traced the rose pattern and then embossed the white parts with the embossing tools and then painted on the reverse. The border was made by drawing lines on the parchment to make the frill effect. There are lots of ways to use the different techniques and I can't wait to get stuck in!

Here is a little crochet owl that I like the look of and just had to make it.

The next photo is a picture of something my mum found that belonged either to her mum or her auntie. We think it may be some kind of knitting object but other than that we know nothing about it. If anyone knows what it is and how to use it please let me know. The wooden wheel at the bottom turns round.