Friday, 10 March 2017

Nordic mitts, childrens cardigan and practical knitted jumper

Hello, here is my update, a bit late again. I have finished my Nordic mittens, they were a little bit big for my small hands so I have donated them to the knitting club for their charity stall. I have now started another pair in a different pattern and made them a smaller fit, I will post these next time

I have made a little cardigan for my niece Abby, it is just a basic hooded cardigan decorated with embroidered flowers.

I have been knitting for weeks a practical grey jumper made from recycled wool from a crochet jumper that I had, the neck was a bit to wide so I thought that I would undo and make something else and here it is.

Friday, 3 February 2017

finished knitted jumper and glove

My knitted jumper is now completed, I have had it on twice and it is wearing well, I have got a nice scarf to go with it.

I have started knitting a pair of Nordic style mittens, I have only completed one at the moment. I knitted them on double pointed needles with DK yarn, left over from my jumper.

The front is the same pattern as the back. The fair isle knit gives the mitts a warm and cosy feel which will keep my hands warm.

I have also made two cards this week

Friday, 13 January 2017

knitted cable hat and jumper update

Happy New year to you all! I have been neglecting posting on my blog again, there is always other things to do but most important I have still found time to craft. The jumper pattern has been sorted and I have just one more sleeve to go before it is finished

I have also knitted a new hat to keep out the cold, today we had our first snow with very strong wind so my hat was just the job.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

finished knitted patchwork cushion and jumper project

The cushion is now backed with a matching green material and a knitted border.

My next project is a new jumper

I am having problems with this pattern already, I started knitting the front first but the triangle pattern in the middle didn't look right. There are two stitches C2F and C2B, I think they have printed the instructions wrong as the C2F is worked on the back instead of the front and the C2B is on the front, I have always knitted them the other way round before. In the end I started to knit the back and I will test the pattern

Friday, 18 November 2016

knitted patchwork cushion

I have been working on a knitted patchwork cushion, at first it was going to be a blanket but it was taking to long so I decided on a cushion. I knitted different sizes of blocks using different knitted stitches and embellished them using mainly chain, cross stitch and lazy daisy stitches. I now have to add a border and back

I have also made another parchment Christmas card

Friday, 7 October 2016

parchment cards

Hello everyone
 Has any one had any trouble with their blog? All of my blog list disappeared for a few days but now I have got them all back again so what went wrong is a mystery!

I have been doing more parching so here are the cards that I have made this time.

 These two cards are for my niece's Birthday


Friday, 16 September 2016

chicken doorstop

This week I have done a little fun knitting, I have made a knitted chicken doorstop to sell at the knitting clubs charity Macmillan coffee morning.