Tuesday, 30 October 2012


This is a pot that i made from a cardboard tube that i had at home, i always new that one day i would find a use for it. To cover the tube i had to slit it down the side in order to flatten it out. The next stage was to cut a piece of material about 2cm bigger than the tube and then attach the tatting before stretching the material over the cardboard. I then turned a hem on a second piece of material which was cut to the same size as the first and sewn down all the way round so that both sides are covered. The pot shape is then created by hand sewing down the side.
The lid was made by cutting two circles of card covering both with material, putting them both together like a sandwich and hand sewing all the way round, the bottom is also made in the same way. The bottom was attached by blanket stitching.
I made the tatting decoration by tatting a long line of rings which was tied together to create the frilly petals.
I hope all this makes sense but if anyone wants to make one and needs any help i will be happy to help.


  1. oh Susan I love what you have done to your pot. I buy crochet cotton that comes on a cone, wind it off into a ball and have save the cones, now I know why. Your tatting is beautiful, is it shuttle or needle?
    Thanks for your comments on my blog, unable to reply as there is no email address like |I have for most of the bloggers

  2. The pot is beautiful. I like the apricot touch.

  3. That is absolutely beautiful!

  4. Gorgeous! I love your creative way of making simple things turn out so beautiful!