Thursday, 8 November 2012

Tatted Heart card

I have been spending this week doing more tatting, I thought I would try using two colours, it was easier than I thought it would be. Again my design ended up being another card but it worked well I thought and the colours look pretty.
Has anyone out there got any solution to the problem of twisted picots which kept happening, I tried letting the thread and shuttle dangle but the pecots were still twisting. If you can help please let me know.

On this picture you can clearly see the twisted picots.


  1. Hi Susan, thank you for the lovely comment.....Cant help with the twisted picots, I'm afraid !!
    But what a clever lady you are with this 'tatting' lark ! Your card is stunning..
    you could sell these on 'FOLKSY', A BIT LIKE etsy !!!
    Chris richards

  2. Oh, by the way, if you turn your 'word verification 'OFF'.....You will get more comments as it is a lot easier to comment without it !!!
    Chris richards

  3. hello, Very nice heart you have there. and nicely tatted too. As for the twisted picots, what thread are you using? sometimes the looser threads... those that are only 2 or 3 cord, or the perle cottons, don't hold their twist even if you let the shuttle hang. Also, be careful when letting your shuttle hang that it doesn't untwist too far.
    Another thought, how are you winding the shuttle? you might be untwisting the thread, or adding twist while winding the shuttle. I find it easier to use bobbin shuttles, you can put the bobbin on the sewing machine, or the end of a small stick and twirl the bobbin to wind on the thread, that helps to keep the thread from being twisted. Winding the thread around a stationary bobbin or post shuttle actually adds or removes twist.
    That is the best I can offer.

  4. Hi Susan

    Thank you for the lovely comment on my fluffy angel, I have been tatting for 41 years so I hope I can sort it out for you. I read the last comment from Ladytats and I think she fas answered your problem, Also another answer could be the. Picots are too big and some thread twist when you do a large picot,
    Also the way you wind the shuttle can twist the thread, letting go of the shuttle only lets he shuttle play and could twist it even more, you don't say what thread you are using.

    Lizbeth thread is one of the best I have found to use, and if you need help finding a supplier try or both sell good thread, the turisk thread is softer and very soft to work with.

    You might like to join " intatters." We are a group of tatters, it's free to join and with a wealth of knowledge for a beginner as well sharing. Also now you have found my blog if you go down the sidebar I have a lot of tatting blogs which you might like to visit, I am sure you will find them a great inspiration.

    I look forward to seeing you again on my blog and if you want any help just ask,

  5. your tatting is lovely, I find needle tatting so much easier, well to be honest could not use the shuttle at all!
    Read your previous comments and going to search out the intatters group

  6. Hello Susan - Beautiful card! I am afraid I don't have any ideas about twisted picots. I am so happy to have found your blog, I enjoy your pictures on flickr!

  7. Your tatted heart looks wonderful! Have you been doing any more tatting since then?

  8. This looks absolutely amazing Susan. Thank you for visiting amd commenting on my blog.
    Love to see you there regularly.