Saturday, 21 December 2013

Embroidery Friends Christmas card exchange

Hi, I thought that I would share with you this lovely card that I have received from Grace Lister as part of the Christmas card exchange. It will be kept in my keepsake box and treasured.
I wish you all a happy Christmas and lots of fun!

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Aran knitted cardigan

Hi everyone, it has been a few weeks in the making but the cardigan is now finished. So here it is, the picture was taken by my husband and it was dark so the colouring isn't the best.

I was very pleased with the cardigan, it is a good fit and feels nice and warm. I have certainly learned a lot by jumping in and doing this project, I had to consult the library books a few times but I got there in the end. Maybe on my next project I might try a bit of colour or some chunky wool!

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

knitting and my old card collection

Hi, I thought that I would give you all an update on my knitting, I have completed the back and half of the left side of my cardigan, it is going ok but I find one of my fingers keeps aching!

I thought that I would show you some of my old cards that I have in my keepsake box, they were kept by my grandma and passed on to me, I was thirteen when she died. Many times when I went to visit she would get the box out and show me the cards and tell me all about her life, times were hard in those days as they all came from mining families. The cards are mostly to or from her mother, Martha. I have counted all the cards and there are 188 in total all similar to the ones I have posted.

This first one is the oldest dated 1921, some may be older as they all don't have dates

This on is my favourite and is dated 1924
dated 1927
These are dated 1920s and 30s, notice how they change from mostly vellum in the 20s to using more card in the 30s.
These are the smallest cards only 2x3in

Going into the 1940s and the cards change in style to post cards, these are very brighly coloured.
I could have posted more but it was hard to decide which one to show they all have their own beauty, I hope that you have enjoyed my little blast from the past, maybe some of you have cards like mine that you treasure!

Monday, 4 November 2013

Learning to knit

Hi, as you all know I have been learning to knit, I have mastered the basics of knit and pearl and learned how to increase and decrease so I am now jumping in at the deep end and trying to make a cardigan. I am doing a simple aran cardigan with a single cable pattern.

 You can see in the picture my little sample pattern. I have started on the back first and have done about ten inches so I have some way to go yet!
I hope you all like my needle tin, I got it last Christmas with biscuits in it, I have a snowman one as well, I put them away in the cupboard hoping that one day I would find a use for them. I have a full set on knitting needles, which my mum gave me, they have been in the attic for years, she put them away after her aunt died and they haven't seen day light since. I have washed them all and now they are ready for action!
I will keep you updated on the procress of my cardigan.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

floral embroidered box

At last a little bit of embroidery to show you all, the box is oval in shape with an embroidered flower bouquet on the lid, I have mixed stitching with ribbon embroidery. I have enjoyed getting back to my stitching again and now I am doing an embroidered card for the embroidery friends card swap.

I am making good progress with my knitting, I have learnt how to cast on and do the knit and pearl stitches, reading the books it looks like there may be much more to learn than the crochet but you know me I will give it a good try, my aim is to master the cable stitches and make another jumper!

Saturday, 19 October 2013

The last of the Christmas cards

Hi, there hasn't been much to report this week, I have finished the last two Christmas cards, all family and friends cards are done as well as all the orders so I am now on track!

My next project is an order that I have got for an embroidered box, they want some kind of embroidered flower bouquet including beads on the lid. I have cut out all the material yesterday and today I am going to start on the design.
I am also going to try to learn how to knit, I have got some books from the library and my mum has given me a bag full of all different sizes of needles so all I have to do is make a start.

Friday, 11 October 2013

3D and decoupage cards

Hello, this week I have been enjoying myself creating lots of cards using free vintage images, which I have used to make 3D decoupage cards.
Firstly I have included a card that belonged to the last blog page which I forgot to put on, it isn't made by computer images but it is the start of my 3D journey.

These next cards are made using free images which I have printed out a few times, cut out various pieces and layered them up.

I have added silver glitter to these two cards, the photo doesn't show it but they really sparkle.

These two cards were made using the same image, the first one isn't 3D but I have framed the picture by embroidering a Church window pattern.


Thursday, 3 October 2013

square doily tatted cushion and mum's card

Hi, this week the next tatted cushion is finished and safely delivered. I was glad to have finished as it was a long pattern and one that I don't think that I would do again, it has to many split rings for my liking!

The pattern looks square from one angle and more rounded from another.

I have also been playing around with free clip art images that I have found on the computer and here is a card that I have made.

I made two copies of the flower wreath , cut out the flowers to use as decoupage added a few feathers and glitter glue and I had a lovely card made. I am now working on other ideas of how to use these images.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Christmas card order

Hi everyone, this week has been busy with Christmas cards, I have had an order for six and I have also been finishing off my cushion which I will put on my next post.
I have used one of my previous hand painted cards and I am working on the last one but here are the four that I have made so far.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bridal card

Hello, this week has passed so quickly again, I have had time to make two cards as well as make a start on my next cushion. The first card that I have made is a Bridal card, I had this idea while walking home from the shops and just had to give it a try. The bride itself has worked but I am not to sure about the background, I think it is a design that needs a little more thinking about.

The bottom of the dress is made from feathers with a net veil.

The hand painted Christmas card is one of my favourite cards from my painted selection. If you click on the picture you will get a better close up view of the beads and glitter.

This is the beginning of my tatted cushion, it is going to be a different pattern than before, it is only ordered for Christmas but I want to get it done, just in case anything else crops up!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Tatted cushion and cards

Hi, my tatted cushion is now ready, I was asked to make it for an 80th Birthday present along with a card. The brief was something that included pink!

The next card was an order made for a 10th Wedding Anniversary, they wanted something pink and soft so I have placed white feathers around the heart which has pink roses and pearl beads.


This card has also been sold, it is a quilled flower with leaves and pearl beads with a paper pricked frame which is slightly raised from the card.

This last one is a hand painted card, I think that I will use this one myself.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

My embroidery gallery

Hi, this week I have been working on my cushion so I thought that I would give you some eye candy by putting together some of my embroideries from the  twelve months before I started my blog. Since I started my blog I have been so busy learning new crafts that I haven't done any stitching so hear is a little reminder.