Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Tatted Mother's Day Heart card

Good morning to all my blogging friends, a much better day today the temperature has gone up and the snow has gone. I have had three projects going on at the moment, a Valentine card which is half done, a crazy patch heart cushion and a Mother's Day card that I have just finished. These are a couple of pictures of the Mother's Day card,it is a design that I found on Tat-a-Renda patterns.The design is called Mother's Day heart by Jon Yusoff.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

doily cushion

The snow fell heavy here in Wigan yesterday, everywhere looks lovely. I have been using these cold days and nights to finish my doily and make it into a cushion.The doily pattern is called star attraction and is designed by Linda S Davies. Everything was going fine with the tatting until I got to the 8th and last round. I had only just started the round when I thought the pattern wasn't right, I kept looking at the picture and then the pattern and found that the pattern was missing a ring and a chain. It was a good job that I spotted it early as I only had to unpick a small bit.So if anyone tries this pattern watch out for the last round! These are some pictures of the finished doily made into a cushion, I have added extra beads to the design.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Doily project

I have started a new project this week, I am tatting a doily called Star Attraction, so far I have had no problems with the pattern, I chose this one because it includes two rounds of split rings which I have just been learning. I have a few more rounds to go yet, the star pattern is just beginning to take shape. When the doily is finished I plan to use it as a pattern for a cushion, I will see how it turns out as I go along so I will keep you posted.

The finished tatted and embroidered wreath

I have now finished the Christmas wreath that I tatted earlier, I have added some extra red and gold beads to give the effect of flowers. I used fearn stitch and french knots for the leafy background.


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Tatted Christmas tree card

This is the finished card that I made with the tatted Christmas tree, I have added some red beads, sequins for the balls and some gold thread stars. The card just needs the sentiments adding but I will put them on when I decide who to send them to.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

tatted Christmas tree and wreath

These are a couple of patterns that I am now working on, I know Christmas is over but I couldn't resist them.
The first is a Christmas Tree which I found on Be-stitched.com . Now that I have done the tatting I am going to decorate the tree with beads and a few stitches and make it into a card for next year.


The second pattern is a Christmas wreath, the pattern is by Samantha Meinychuck
The pattern should have another round but I had to leave it out so that it would fit the card. I plan on adding a ribbon bow and some other stitches and things but I havent decided yet what design so when they are both finished I will post the them on my blog

Tatting practice

Hello and a Happy New Year to all my blogging friends! It is nice to be putting things on my blog again, all the festivities have been fun but it is good to get back to normal again.
I have been filling my time with tatting practise, I discovered why I was getting twisted pecots it was the way I was holding my shuttle but now I have put it right and all is well.
These are a few of my practice pieces

I thought the time had come to move on a step with my tatting and learn a few new stitches so I have been learning how  to do split rings, I thought that it would be difficult looking at the instructions but when I tried it I found it ok. I have done the bow pattern designed by Jane Eberall, which you can find on her web site. I chose this pattern because it only uses split rings and was good practise so thank you Jane you have put me on the right track and I won't be worrying about trying other things.
The Bow Pattern