Tuesday, 22 January 2013

doily cushion

The snow fell heavy here in Wigan yesterday, everywhere looks lovely. I have been using these cold days and nights to finish my doily and make it into a cushion.The doily pattern is called star attraction and is designed by Linda S Davies. Everything was going fine with the tatting until I got to the 8th and last round. I had only just started the round when I thought the pattern wasn't right, I kept looking at the picture and then the pattern and found that the pattern was missing a ring and a chain. It was a good job that I spotted it early as I only had to unpick a small bit.So if anyone tries this pattern watch out for the last round! These are some pictures of the finished doily made into a cushion, I have added extra beads to the design.


  1. What a good way to use a doily - I'd never have thought of that. Just LOVE the colours you've used. Shame you had that trouble on the last round but a good job you spotted it in time.

  2. Hello Susan, love your beautiful cushion !
    So sorry for missing some of your posts...I'm way behind since
    christmas...tut tut
    Chris Richards

  3. wow Susan that is a wonderful piece of work you have put as your header photo, so glad the instructions worked.
    Your tatted doily cushion is very pretty indeed