Thursday, 10 January 2013

Doily project

I have started a new project this week, I am tatting a doily called Star Attraction, so far I have had no problems with the pattern, I chose this one because it includes two rounds of split rings which I have just been learning. I have a few more rounds to go yet, the star pattern is just beginning to take shape. When the doily is finished I plan to use it as a pattern for a cushion, I will see how it turns out as I go along so I will keep you posted.


  1. this is looking good Susan, I have mastered split rings on the needle tatting, they are about the only stitch that I cannot unpick when I go wrong as I am left with a knot.
    Love the up dated design of your blog.

  2. Susan want to send you details of how to put your photos on the top of your blog but seem to have lost your email address, can you send it via my email and hopefully I can help you fingers crossed,