Thursday, 3 January 2013

Tatting practice

Hello and a Happy New Year to all my blogging friends! It is nice to be putting things on my blog again, all the festivities have been fun but it is good to get back to normal again.
I have been filling my time with tatting practise, I discovered why I was getting twisted pecots it was the way I was holding my shuttle but now I have put it right and all is well.
These are a few of my practice pieces

I thought the time had come to move on a step with my tatting and learn a few new stitches so I have been learning how  to do split rings, I thought that it would be difficult looking at the instructions but when I tried it I found it ok. I have done the bow pattern designed by Jane Eberall, which you can find on her web site. I chose this pattern because it only uses split rings and was good practise so thank you Jane you have put me on the right track and I won't be worrying about trying other things.
The Bow Pattern

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  1. you are coming on so fast, as you know I do it with a needle maybe it is time to try with a shuttle again but I so often have to undo so a needle is easier to unpick.