Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Paper pricking and quilling mix

Hello everyone, today I am showing you all a card made by paper pricking and quilling. The paper pricking technique is very easy to do, you can use all sorts of templates and patterns or even make up your own. The patterns are made by pricking the paper with a large needle which I stuck in a wine cork so that it would be easier to hold. I think the patterns that you can make look very feminine, almost Victorian in style and can be used in combination with all different styles of cards.

I still haven't got my pinterest working yet, I have sent another email off to the help team but I am still waiting for their reply. If anyone would like to look at more pictures of quilling click on this link and you will find Neli's quilling blog it is very good.


  1. this is another great card Susan.
    Re pinterest, I have tried to sign up a few times and it gets to a certain point and then nothing happens! never mind think i have enough on my plate as it is. Hope you sort yours out soon.

    1. Thank you Margaret, I am still waiting for a reply from pinterest.

  2. Another elegant and lovely card.