Thursday, 9 May 2013

Quilled 50th

Hello, I hope that you are all well and have enjoyed all the lovely warm weather, it is back to cold again but not to worry. I have finished my 50th Birthday card. I decided on a big 50 filled with quilling and then did a border by paper pricking, this is a simple design but I thought it worked well and didn't need anything else, in the end I was pleased with the result.

I have called this next card summer flower, it was made by embroidering flowers  then stretching it over card  petal shapes. I am not to sure if I am happy with this design or not there is something that I don't like about it but can't quite put my finger on it.


  1. I like BOTH your cards, but maybe especially the 50 card. Pity I am well over 50 and will never get a card like this, ha, ha!

  2. two more great cards Susan, can see nothing wrong with your flower, think you are being too picky!
    How are the cards doing in the shop, hope they are flying out.

  3. Thank you Margaret, the cards are not exactly flying more like walking very slow!