Friday, 28 June 2013

The last of my pin cushions

Hi once again, all my pin cushions are now finished and ready to go. I hope the weather is going to pick up again, this morning it is pouring with rain, a lot can happen in a week!

I thought I would have a change with this one and do a bit of tatting!

The next picture is peony flowers from my garden, the wind had battered them down so I thought that I would take some of them in and put them into a vase. they are just beautiful blooms!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

pin cushion collection

Hello to all my blogging friends, I have lots of pictures to show you today, I have made a few pin cushions for the craft fair, some crochet and some embroidered. I have got three more to finish and then I am not making any more, I think that I will have enough things to take with me, and you never know they may not sell and I will end up bringing them all home again.

This pin cushion is crochet in variegated thread  with glass beads on the top.

This one was called African flower pattern, I like how the black brings out the shape of the petals.

I thought I would have a change of style with this one and embroider it instead of crochet.

I have called this my granny square pin cushion.

This is an all double crochet pin cushion with an added flower and beads.

I have added a couple of pictures of my garden, all the plants have now filled out and I am just waiting for my Astilbi to plume and the delphiniums to flower. I don't know if you can see but the wind burnt all the leaves on my red acer tree and it is now looking very sad.

In this last picture there is a small pond with four fish in it, you can't see it very well but it is where the lamp is under the green acer tree.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

crochet flip flops

Hello, I have now finished my crochet flip flop slippers, I have made these by padding the sole with a piece of foam, actually it is a piece of underlay that you use when laying wooden flooring which my mum had stored in her attic, it was just the job!

I have now booked my place at the craft fair, it is looking like it may be a big event, so far they have got 35 craft stalls, they have indoor spaces and a marquee if it is raining. I have been sorting through all my cards and I have got 20 for the stall, which isn't many so I have decided to make some pin cushions to sell along side the cards.
This is my first one, I have got more underway which I will put on next time.

Friday, 14 June 2013

crochet slippers

Hello again, I have now finished my slippers and they fit!

I didn't have any trouble at making the slippers, once I had sorted out which end I was starting at they were straight forward and don't take to long to make either. I am now starting to make a flip flop pair.
If anyone out there is just starting out in crochet be aware that the american patterns have a different system of crochet than the English, for example our English single crochet stitch is the American double crochet so when using an American pattern which I used for the slippers everything has to be converted. I didn't know this at first and it caused me some confusion but thanks to the internet I soon had it sorted.
I haven't forgotten my card making, I have made a little Christmas card, yes I know it is early put time soon goes by. I am thinking of doing a craft fair which was recommended to me by the craft shop, it is at Sunshine House community centre on 7th July. I think that it would be fun and I would be meeting other crafters, so why not give it a go!

Monday, 10 June 2013

This weeks creations

Hello everyone, this week I have been doing more crochet, I have made another book cover , this time in pink. I am pleased how it turned out although I think it would look better in a different colour.

At the moment I am trying to make a pair of crochet slippers, there are lots of patterns that I found on the internet. I have chosen an easy beginners pattern, but I haven't got it right yet, I have started it three times already.I thought that I was starting crocheting the heel but I have now discovered it is the toe so what it will turn out like is anybodies guess!

I have also made a card this week, it is for a first granddaughter, a friend of my mums.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

crochet book cover

This week I have been taking a break from card making. I saw a crochet book cover in the craft shop and thought that it looked lovely, I haven't done any crochet before so I got a book from the library and thought that I would have a go. It took me a while to get the hang of it as for some reason I kept ending up with more stitches on my rows than when I started but I managed to work out what I was doing wrong. I haven't got a big range of wool, so I just used the colours that I had in.
This is my first attempt at a book cover, it is only small and covers my diary.

I am now making one in pink for my note book. I think I have room for improvement, as it is no where near as nice as the one that was in the shop. I think the colour of the wool makes a big difference in what it looks like.