Thursday, 20 June 2013

crochet flip flops

Hello, I have now finished my crochet flip flop slippers, I have made these by padding the sole with a piece of foam, actually it is a piece of underlay that you use when laying wooden flooring which my mum had stored in her attic, it was just the job!

I have now booked my place at the craft fair, it is looking like it may be a big event, so far they have got 35 craft stalls, they have indoor spaces and a marquee if it is raining. I have been sorting through all my cards and I have got 20 for the stall, which isn't many so I have decided to make some pin cushions to sell along side the cards.
This is my first one, I have got more underway which I will put on next time.


  1. You are so quick!
    The Flip-flops look fun!
    Good luck with the craft fair. With your speed you will soon have lots to sell!

    1. Thank you, I am going like the clappers to get things ready!

  2. will you be wearing your flip flops at the craft show, you might get some orders if you do. Wonder where it is, local to you I expect, best of luck and happy pin cushion making.

  3. Thank you Margaret, I think I will be wearing shoes for the show. The fair is only local and I haven't far to go.