Friday, 14 June 2013

crochet slippers

Hello again, I have now finished my slippers and they fit!

I didn't have any trouble at making the slippers, once I had sorted out which end I was starting at they were straight forward and don't take to long to make either. I am now starting to make a flip flop pair.
If anyone out there is just starting out in crochet be aware that the american patterns have a different system of crochet than the English, for example our English single crochet stitch is the American double crochet so when using an American pattern which I used for the slippers everything has to be converted. I didn't know this at first and it caused me some confusion but thanks to the internet I soon had it sorted.
I haven't forgotten my card making, I have made a little Christmas card, yes I know it is early put time soon goes by. I am thinking of doing a craft fair which was recommended to me by the craft shop, it is at Sunshine House community centre on 7th July. I think that it would be fun and I would be meeting other crafters, so why not give it a go!


  1. You are so clever! The slippers look quite complicated. There is indeed a crochet boom. Have you read this blog: Very colourful and full of inspiration.
    Going to market is a great idea, and if all your cards are as lovely at the Christmas card, they I am sure you will return howm empty handed!

    1. Thank you Queenie, I have just had a look on the blog, attic24, I found it very interesting and I will be able to get some good ideas and patterns from it, thank you!The slippers weren't complicated they are a beginners pattern and only uses one stitch,double crochet.

  2. your slippers will be great in the cold weather and the flip flop ones for now. Best of luck with your craft sale at the market.Good idea to be doing some Xmas cards now, Christmas has a habit of creeping up on ue unawares!

  3. Thank you Margaret, with the weather like it is I think that I will be wearing them long before winter!

  4. Cozy looking slippers Susan. Great crocheting :) Beautiful quilling on the Christmas card.