Monday, 29 July 2013

finished jumper and christmas cards

Hi, my jumper is now finished, it has turned out ok and I do like the pattern, I think the granny squares have blended in well.

I have made a new start on my Christmas cards, I just felt in the mood for card making and came up with these two cards in one afternoon.

I used the paper pricking technique on both of these cards to create an embossed effect. The wreath I didn't make it was recycled from a card that was sent to me some years ago.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

update on jumper and yarn bombing!

Hi, I am well underway with my second crochet jumper, I have finished the front, back and one of the sleeves so I should have it finished for next week.

I have got some really fun crochet pictures to show you that I have got from pinterest.
Queenie told me about people crocheting trees in Sweden and the image of this has stuck in my mind so I did a bit of investigating and the craze is wide spread all over the world and is called yarn bombing. Here are some fantastic examples

Yarn bomb #crochet #wool #yarn #knitting

Yarn bomb it!!!!!

Telephone box   yarn bomb


Colorful bike Yarn Bombed Mailbox

Beautiful Yarn bomb!

Aren't these pictures fantastic, I would love to see the real thing, it is a crazy idea but beautiful. There are hundreds of pictures on pinterest if any one is interested.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

crochet jumper

Hi, my crochet jumper is now finished and I am very pleased with the result as it actually fits!

The pattern was taken from an American book called crocheting for dummies by Karen Manthey. The book doesn't look much to look at but the information you can get from the book and the clear pattern instructions are great for beginners. The patterns that you can see were made up from using basic stitches. The bulk of the stitches were done in half treble crochet. The pattern is one row crossed treble crochet, one row bobble stitch, which is a combination of dtr and dc and another row of crossed treble. I used aran wool and a 6mm hook.
The only thing that I got wrong was the amount of wool that I bought, even though I bought what it instructed in the book I have enough left to make another jumper so I have come up with a plan to make another one using the same shape of pattern but add a few of my own creativity

This is a pattern that I found on pinterest, I like the idea of the granny square border around the bottom so my plan is to make the same jumper again but put the border around the bottom of the jumper and around the sleeves leaving the rest of the jumper plain done in htr and no pattern. My squares will be done with the same wool as the jumper with white added.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

crochet blanket

Hi, my crochet TV blanket is now finished, it has been a nice thing to crochet as the squares are fast growing and you have something made in no time. I have used a size 4mm hook and double knit wool. The squares pattern is called spoked wheel eyelet.
The blanket measures 3ft x 4ft, just a nice size for curling up on the sofa on a cold winters night!

Friday, 12 July 2013

project update

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you all know how I am progressing, I have completed all my blanket squares and I am now joining them all together
The picture isn't a good shot, the blocks are a nice pink colour but look dull in the picture.
I have put a picture on the blog of the jumper pattern that I am going to make and the wool that I have bought to make it.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Craft Fair report

Hi, it is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and it is looking good for all week, it is nice that we can get the chairs out and have a sit out side. Well I have been to the craft fair and I am happy to say that it was a success, the good weather brought the people out and a good day was had by all. We got off to a slow start as when we all arrived at 8.30 the marquees were late arriving and they were only just putting them up so we had to wait around a while but we had a good chat and got to know some of the other stall holders. I was put next to a lady selling jewellery made from paper beads and a man selling baby gifts, the man was standing in for his wife and sat on his chair all day and didn't say anything to anybody. I got on with the girl on the jewellery stall very well as it was her first time doing the craft fairs. I had good sales with my cards and some good comments too, I have sold over half of my stock but the pin cushions didn't sell, there was a couple of crochet stalls which were also selling them, but never mind I made a good profit on my cards and I only had to pay £5 for my stall.
I have put a picture on which was taken when I was setting up my stall.

I had all my cards flat at first but then decided to stand them all up which looked much better.

The next two pictures were taken in the Town Green park before the craft fair started.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

slipper socks

Hello, I have been crocheting a new pair of slipper socks, so that I have a pair to wear when I have the others in the wash. I think these are my favourite, I like the colour and the added frilly edge around the ankle.

I was thinking what to make next and I think that I am going to try a TV blanket for the winter, I have made four sample squares just to see if I like the pattern, I didn't want a multicoloured blanket so I am sticking to pink with a cream edging. the photo isn't a very good shot!