Saturday, 20 July 2013

crochet jumper

Hi, my crochet jumper is now finished and I am very pleased with the result as it actually fits!

The pattern was taken from an American book called crocheting for dummies by Karen Manthey. The book doesn't look much to look at but the information you can get from the book and the clear pattern instructions are great for beginners. The patterns that you can see were made up from using basic stitches. The bulk of the stitches were done in half treble crochet. The pattern is one row crossed treble crochet, one row bobble stitch, which is a combination of dtr and dc and another row of crossed treble. I used aran wool and a 6mm hook.
The only thing that I got wrong was the amount of wool that I bought, even though I bought what it instructed in the book I have enough left to make another jumper so I have come up with a plan to make another one using the same shape of pattern but add a few of my own creativity

This is a pattern that I found on pinterest, I like the idea of the granny square border around the bottom so my plan is to make the same jumper again but put the border around the bottom of the jumper and around the sleeves leaving the rest of the jumper plain done in htr and no pattern. My squares will be done with the same wool as the jumper with white added.


  1. Do you ever eat or sleep? You're so quick! As well as clever! It is a nice jumper.
    The description of the crochet pattern is all gobbledygook to me, so I do take my hat off to anyone who can understand, dummy or not!
    Your plans for the the remaining yarn sounds great. I love the granny square look.
    Have fun!

    1. Thank you Queenie, I was quick because the yarn was so chunky it was fast growing, I do a little bit each day.

  2. a lovely jumper Susan, bit warm at the moment to wear it though! Also like the idea for the left over wool, no doubt in a blink of an eye you will have that done too.

  3. Thank you Margaret, I have started jumper number two and I think it will look ok!