Tuesday, 13 August 2013

card selection

Hello, I have been working on lots of cards this week made from last years old Birthday and Christmas cards
This was the first one that I made, it is a simple card made by adding a pin pricked border.

The star embossed background I created by embossing over a stencil

I used the same embossing with this one and made the Christmas tree myself from the old cards.

These two cards I have used a lot of paper pricking, I love these designes and the bottom one I am going to send to my mum at Christmas

This one is a very cute Birthday card with little paper roses around the door.

This one is for my Mum's birthday in September.

I am not quite sure if I have finished with this one yet, I think I might try a few more gem stones!


  1. Susan you have created some lovely cards here, you are blessed with a good imagination as well as a talent for these things.

  2. Thank you very much Margaret, ideas come and go!

  3. You certainly have been busy and have made so many wonderful cards. The pin pricking designs and embossing are lovely.

  4. this is astounding!! I specially love the Robbins.