Thursday, 22 August 2013

Hand painted cards

Hello everyone, I have not spent much time blogging this week, things have been busy. I have sold five cards this week and I have now got two orders for tatted cushions. I have been working on hand painting cards, I think there is room for improvement in my art work but people who I have showed them to think they are ok, what do you all think?


  1. That's great that you not only sold some of your lovely cards but have 2 tatted cushion orders as well! Your hand painted cards look wonderful and as far as improvement goes, like everything, the more we do the better we get :)

    1. Thank you Jenny, I plan to do more painting.

  2. your hand painted cards are lovely. Good to read you are getting sales and look forward to seeing your tatted cushions, I am sure they will be wonderful

  3. Wow! Is there no limit to your talent?! The cards are lovely, I especially like the ballerina. It must feel great not only to have sold cards but got orders for cushions, too. Soon you will have no time for blogging!! Enjoy every moment.

  4. Thank you Queenie, I used to paint and draw a lot when I was at school but that was some time ago!

  5. Your cards are very pretty!