Thursday, 8 August 2013

Hot water bottle covers

hello, this week I have been finishing my two crochet hot water bottle covers. The peach one is the same design as the other but the swirl design is for a male so I thought that the design would look nice.

I was reading the local paper yesterday when I came across an article about the park gardens that I had my picture taken in my previous blog about the Craft fair. I couldn't believe what I was reading, someone came in the night and stolen most of the plants and snapped the trunks of the new trees, what is the world coming to, do people not want to see their environment look nice anymore!


  1. another good cover and yes manly. Such a shame what has happened to the plants and trees, why anyone wants to be so destructive is beyond me, breaking down the trees is bad, I suppose the plants went into a garden somewhere so at least they will survive.
    Off to the FOQ tomorrow and plan to meet Queenie if we can find each other!

    1. Have a great time, I hope that you find Queenie!

  2. very pretty covers ! swirl looks very cute ..manly too.
    Why would someone wants to destroy plants and trees? I don't understand..