Thursday, 12 September 2013

Bridal card

Hello, this week has passed so quickly again, I have had time to make two cards as well as make a start on my next cushion. The first card that I have made is a Bridal card, I had this idea while walking home from the shops and just had to give it a try. The bride itself has worked but I am not to sure about the background, I think it is a design that needs a little more thinking about.

The bottom of the dress is made from feathers with a net veil.

The hand painted Christmas card is one of my favourite cards from my painted selection. If you click on the picture you will get a better close up view of the beads and glitter.

This is the beginning of my tatted cushion, it is going to be a different pattern than before, it is only ordered for Christmas but I want to get it done, just in case anything else crops up!


  1. I love the bridal card. Very pretty and I think the background is lovely, the bride beautiful.


  2. Oh, that bridal card is so elegant!
    I see you are doing everything you can to avoid the Christmas rush! Lovely card and the cushion will be great, too, I am sure.

    1. Thanks Queenie, I can't make enough Christmas cards, I have just got another order.

  3. your bridal card is beautiful Susan, I can see a bride really treasuring this. Such talent with a paintbrush too and of course a beautiful piece of tatting which will make a lovely cushion all this goes to make you blog such a pleasure to visit