Monday, 4 November 2013

Learning to knit

Hi, as you all know I have been learning to knit, I have mastered the basics of knit and pearl and learned how to increase and decrease so I am now jumping in at the deep end and trying to make a cardigan. I am doing a simple aran cardigan with a single cable pattern.

 You can see in the picture my little sample pattern. I have started on the back first and have done about ten inches so I have some way to go yet!
I hope you all like my needle tin, I got it last Christmas with biscuits in it, I have a snowman one as well, I put them away in the cupboard hoping that one day I would find a use for them. I have a full set on knitting needles, which my mum gave me, they have been in the attic for years, she put them away after her aunt died and they haven't seen day light since. I have washed them all and now they are ready for action!
I will keep you updated on the procress of my cardigan.


  1. You are so brave, but I am sure you will succeed and soon show us a beautiful Aran cardi!

  2. Wow, you learned knitting at full speed! Good luck with the cardigan.

  3. You have certainly gone in at the deep end Susan, not a plain cardigan but you are tackling aran, I am sure it will be wonderful, best of luck

  4. Thank you to you all for your comments, there is nothing like getting stuck in, I will learn as I am going along!