Saturday, 6 April 2013

More card making delights

Yes I have been busy again card making, I have found a good tip for all you card makers, I was looking at all the backing papers that you can buy when I had the idea of using wallpaper so I took a trip to the DIY shop and got lots and lots of wallpaper samples and I was amazed at what I came away with, I have now got a stash of all different colours and patterns for free.
Here is a few cards that I created this week.

The pink backing is a wallpaper sample. The tatting pattern is called Quantiesque Snowflake by Jon Yusoff.

This tatting design is called Rose Window by Jon Yusoff.

This card I made entirely from wallpaper samples, I made the oval frame by covering and sticking it to a backing then I cut out the roses and leaves from the wallpaper and used them like decoupage. The roses in the foreground were brought forward by by placing sticky pads behind.

These next two cards are what I made using my own designs.