Thursday, 2 May 2013

This weeks update

Hello everyone, what a lovely sunny week it has been it makes you feel like summer is on its way! I have been busy this week making more cards. I have sold one card that I know of so far in the shop, I have sold two to my mum's friend and I have an order for a 50th birthday card. I am planning to try a quilled card for the 50th. I have found some lovely paper in the pound shop af all places. My plan is to to do a big number 50 filled with quilling.
I have signed up on pinterest but I am having some problems with it at the moment. I was planning to show you all some lovely quilled cards that I have found but in the last couple of days my boards are not showing up, I have just got the round circle going round and round. If anyone knows anything about pinterest and can help I would apreciate it.
Anyway I have three cards  that I have made this week.


The heart card I tried paper pricking, it is a technique that I haven't done before it is so easy to do and gives a nice effect. You can see it in the corners and around the edges I have threaded gold thread through the holes to make a border.