Thursday, 30 May 2013

Quilling and other cards

This week I have been concentrating more on my quilling techniques, but I have also come up with a couple of other creations. I am taking four of my quilled cards to the shop today so we will see if they will sell.

These two cards were made from spiral paper roses and quilled leaves.

I took my inspiration for this design from Nelli's blog. The design is all quilled with a paper pricking border and flowers.

This card I used a piece of vellum for the white frame, it is a paper that I haven't used before. The flower I painted myself onto the vellum and then cut it out.

This is a paper pricking frame with a Victorian vase picture, which I cut out from a piece of wallpaper.This was a spare of the moment design, I was just playing with ideas and out popped this little card!