Friday, 14 June 2013

crochet slippers

Hello again, I have now finished my slippers and they fit!

I didn't have any trouble at making the slippers, once I had sorted out which end I was starting at they were straight forward and don't take to long to make either. I am now starting to make a flip flop pair.
If anyone out there is just starting out in crochet be aware that the american patterns have a different system of crochet than the English, for example our English single crochet stitch is the American double crochet so when using an American pattern which I used for the slippers everything has to be converted. I didn't know this at first and it caused me some confusion but thanks to the internet I soon had it sorted.
I haven't forgotten my card making, I have made a little Christmas card, yes I know it is early put time soon goes by. I am thinking of doing a craft fair which was recommended to me by the craft shop, it is at Sunshine House community centre on 7th July. I think that it would be fun and I would be meeting other crafters, so why not give it a go!