Saturday, 27 July 2013

update on jumper and yarn bombing!

Hi, I am well underway with my second crochet jumper, I have finished the front, back and one of the sleeves so I should have it finished for next week.

I have got some really fun crochet pictures to show you that I have got from pinterest.
Queenie told me about people crocheting trees in Sweden and the image of this has stuck in my mind so I did a bit of investigating and the craze is wide spread all over the world and is called yarn bombing. Here are some fantastic examples

Yarn bomb #crochet #wool #yarn #knitting

Yarn bomb it!!!!!

Telephone box   yarn bomb


Colorful bike Yarn Bombed Mailbox

Beautiful Yarn bomb!

Aren't these pictures fantastic, I would love to see the real thing, it is a crazy idea but beautiful. There are hundreds of pictures on pinterest if any one is interested.