Saturday, 3 August 2013

crochet hot water bottle cover and pattern

Hi, this week I have made a start on making Christmas presents, I have been looking at hot water bottle covers made from crochet squares but they weren't quite the design that I wanted so I thought that I would have a go at making my own pattern. This is the first one of three that I am going to make.

This is my pattern, I have set it out the best I can so if anyone wants to make it and has any problems please let me know. The pattern is simle and ideal for a beginners project.
Hot water bottle cover pattern
Yarn used - aran weight wool for bottle cover and DK for flowers or any other decoration
Hook - 5mm for cover
             4mm for flowers
sts = stitches
ch = chain
dc = double crochet
inc = increase
dec = decrease
1   ch 15 + 1 turning chain
2   dc15sts
3   dc17sts  inc2 (inc one stitch at start and one stitch at end of row)
4   dc19sts  inc2
5   dc21sts  inc2
6   dc23sts  inc2
7   dc25sts  inc2
8   dc25sts
9   dc27sts  inc2
10  rows 10-27  dc27sts
28  dec2  dc25sts
29  dec2  dc23sts
30  dc23sts
31  dec2  21sts
32  dec2  19sts
33  dec2  17sts
34  dec2  15sts,  fasten off
Neck of bottle
1   With right side facing join yarn 4 dc from top right, 8dc
2   dc8sts
3   inc2  10sts
4   inc2  12sts
5   inc2  14sts
6   inc2  16sts
7   inc2  18sts
8   dc18sts  fasten off
Bottom cuff
Follow rows 1-9 as for front
10   dc5, ch3,(miss2dc) this creates button hole, dc5, ch3 (miss2dc) dc5, ch3(miss2dc) dc6
11   dc27sts  fasten off
Top back
repeat rows 10-34 from front then continue with neck as before.
Making up
Add decoration to front. The flower wasn't my own design, you can find the pattern in The compedium of crochet techniques by Jan Eaton or you can use any other design that you like.
1   Put front and back sides together with right side facing.
2   Use same yarn as front and dc all the way round the edge starting at the neck.
3   With a yarn matching your design dc round again.
4   Add buttons to back.
I hope that you have found my pattern useful!