Tuesday, 19 November 2013

knitting and my old card collection

Hi, I thought that I would give you all an update on my knitting, I have completed the back and half of the left side of my cardigan, it is going ok but I find one of my fingers keeps aching!

I thought that I would show you some of my old cards that I have in my keepsake box, they were kept by my grandma and passed on to me, I was thirteen when she died. Many times when I went to visit she would get the box out and show me the cards and tell me all about her life, times were hard in those days as they all came from mining families. The cards are mostly to or from her mother, Martha. I have counted all the cards and there are 188 in total all similar to the ones I have posted.

This first one is the oldest dated 1921, some may be older as they all don't have dates

This on is my favourite and is dated 1924
dated 1927
These are dated 1920s and 30s, notice how they change from mostly vellum in the 20s to using more card in the 30s.
These are the smallest cards only 2x3in

Going into the 1940s and the cards change in style to post cards, these are very brighly coloured.
I could have posted more but it was hard to decide which one to show they all have their own beauty, I hope that you have enjoyed my little blast from the past, maybe some of you have cards like mine that you treasure!