Friday, 28 February 2014

Mother's Day cushion

Hello everyone,
My Mother's Day cushion is now finished, I really enjoyed this project the flowers were interesting to make and I learnt a lot of different knitting techniques. All the flowers I made from a book called 100 knitted and crochet flowers.

The roses are made by knitting the petals all in one length and rolling them round into a rose shape. The rose buds are the same principle with the stems and leaves made separate. The bells took me quite a few goes before I got it right, the frilly tops were a bit complicated at first but once I worked it out things seemed a lot easier.

Monday, 24 February 2014

Crochet pot and knitted flowers

Hello everyone,
Things are going well at the knitting club, we have made over 30 shamrocks and they were all sold on the first day so I am busy making more. At the club we have tea and cake while we knit, we all pay 20p towards the cost of the tea which is collected in a rather unattractive plastic cup. I have made a crochet pot to put our tea money in, it is made using double crochet stitch with an Irish rose on top which I thought appropriate.

I have started on my Mother's day present, it is a knitted cushion with knitted and crochet flowers. The cushion isn't finished yet but I will show you a quick look at the flowers and put a full description of the cushion on my next blog.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Four seasons knitted and embroidered cushion, card and Irish shamrock

Hi everyone,
I have a few things to show you this time, the knitting and crochet club is going well and I am really enjoying going. Maxine who is the club organiser asked me to make her a cushion with flowers from the four seasons, it is for her sisters birthday. She was over the moon with the cushion when I gave it to her.

Spring Daffodil and bluebells
Summer corn flower
Autumn cone flower
Winter Hellebore
The knitting group is held in a centre run by the Irish community, it is only small as the Irish community isn't large. Half of the group is  Irish and with St Patricks Day coming up in March we decided to make some knitted shamrocks to sell for charity and this is what we created.
I have started another knitted cardigan, it is similar to the last one but there is no pattern, I am just doing it in stocking stitch with a straight sleeve instead of a raglan.
I cannot leave you without showing you another card, this time I have only had time to make one.