Monday, 24 February 2014

Crochet pot and knitted flowers

Hello everyone,
Things are going well at the knitting club, we have made over 30 shamrocks and they were all sold on the first day so I am busy making more. At the club we have tea and cake while we knit, we all pay 20p towards the cost of the tea which is collected in a rather unattractive plastic cup. I have made a crochet pot to put our tea money in, it is made using double crochet stitch with an Irish rose on top which I thought appropriate.

I have started on my Mother's day present, it is a knitted cushion with knitted and crochet flowers. The cushion isn't finished yet but I will show you a quick look at the flowers and put a full description of the cushion on my next blog.


  1. Your knitted flowers are beautiful! You do such lovely work.


  2. Your knitted flowers are gorgeous!

  3. you really have taken off with your knitting and crochet, the flowers are so beautiful Susan

  4. You talented lady! Great designs, love the 'piggy bank'!

  5. Thank you everyone, the cushion is nearly ready!