Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas cards

It has been a while since I bogged but I have found time to make three more cards.

The picture is a little blurred and dark, the light these days isn't good for taking pictures. You can't see  the decoupage effect of the Christmas trees and wreath it makes them stand out from the door.
The card is going to my mum's friend in Yorkshire.

This card I have layered the church window and pin pricked the background. When the card is open and is put next to a window or a lamp the light shines through the holes and lights up the card which gives a very nice effect.

Again this is not a good picture, the Christmas tree I made by using quilled curls and pearl beads.


  1. Those will be very special cards to come through the post box.

  2. Your descriptions makes it easy to see the workmanship and beauty in each of the lovely cards.
    I especially like the window that give different delights during the day.

  3. all these are works of art Sue the people who receive them I know will be so delighted