Tuesday, 11 March 2014

crochet bird mobile, knitted blue tit and card

Hello, this week has been full of variety, I have been trying to do more of my cardigan, the back an one of the front panels are finished but with doing other project as well it seems like it is taking for ever. I have crochet a little baby bird mobile for a new arrival shortly, it looks very cute and will look nice hung in the nursery.

Moving on to knitting, I have been trying something more technical. I found a pattern for a knitted blue tit bird and I loved it. The pattern is for intermediate level and had lots of terms  that I haven't used before. Part of the bird is knitted by using four double sided needles.

I had a few problems along the way, I had to start the head twice before I got the idea of what to do and the double sided needles I found a little awkward at first but in the end things came together. I have made mistakes so I thought if the bird turns out ok I will make another one making sure everything is done right. All that is needed now is to add a beak, stuff it and add the legs which are made out of wire so that the bird stands up.

I have two 60th birthday cards to make this week, I finished one yesterday and here it is.
The flower background is made from a material that has been machine embroidered, not by myself as it started life as a duvet cover, I got this idea from a card that I have seen in the Clinton card shop.