Saturday, 21 June 2014

knitted tea party and zip cardigan

It has been a while since I blogged, time just goes over so fast. I have been busy knitting a little tea party for my two nieces Ella and Evie, they both love to play at cooking and making us all pretend tea. I got the idea when browsing the internet and came across knitted food patterns, I started by knitting the cup cakes first and the rest just evolved!
This is what I have made so far, I am just starting to make some knitted sandwiches to go with them.

As you can see there is a piece of chocolate gateaux, two cup cakes and a chocolate roll

The cake stand was made by covering a cardboard circle with crochet, I haven't worked out yet how to knit a circle. The trunk I did by covering a cardboard tube with knitting, sewing them together and with a bit of imagination  you have a lovely stand for your cakes.

The tea pot was made in the same way by covering a cardboard tube. The spout I made by knitting a rectangular shape which I stuffed to create the spout shape.

The cups I made using the pattern for the cup cakes but put extra stitches on to make them taller, gave them a bit more stuffing making them into a cup shape.
As well a knitting the tea party I have at last finished my zip cardigan that I started months ago, I am pleased with how it has turned out, it is only plain but will make a nice everyday cardigan for the winter.