Saturday, 14 March 2015

knitted sock

Hello everyone,
Well this is the start of my socks, they are made with sirdar crofter fair Isle effect Dk which I was kindly given by a friend at the knitting club. This is a brilliant yarn, as you can see the pattern is done for you. The only mistake that I have made is that the second sock starts off with a different colour, I should have noted where in the yarn I started to knit the first sock. I will remember this for next time but for the moment I have decided to leave it and carry on as there will be only me wearing them!


  1. Such lovely yarn for socks! I think it's fun to have to different socks with the same yarn, it's something you cannot buy!

  2. Fabulous socks! I like it when socks are similar but not identical, I wouldn't worry about starting in a different colour spot. You can tie yourself in knots trying to get them identical.

  3. Some people dress in different looking socks on purpose. David Hockney is one, I belive. I wouldn't mind mixing patterns!