Saturday, 25 April 2015

Scandinavian socks and knitted/crochet Christmas ornaments

I have been trying a fair Isle Scandinavian style sock pattern, I had trouble following the pattern on the decreases after turning the heel, I had to undo four times and still couldn't get the pattern to work so in the end gave up and restarted the pattern after the decrease. I am quite happy with the way the socks have turned out.

I have been doing more knitting for the Christmas fair, I have made three more knitted hearts with crochet decorations, also I am working on crochet bell idea.


Friday, 10 April 2015

Tatted heart ornament and more socks

We are starting a new project at the knitting club, we are working towards having a Christmas fayre so we are starting early by getting ideas and making things. I had a tatted doily in the cupboard that I have no use for and was wondering if I could make something with it, and here is what I created, I think this would be nice in Christmas colours.

I have also made a pair of thick winter Santa socks and a pair with with the same wool as before but with different coloured toe and heel