Friday, 13 November 2015

More wreaths and cards

Hello everyone, these are my latest creations!
I have made two more wreaths which are the last ones that I am going to do, I am tired of making them now and want to move on to other things.
The first wreath is one that I have made for my Mum for Christmas. Once again the picture is blurred due to the way I have to put them on to blogger.

The second wreath was made for charity.

These are two quick cards that I have done both using die cutting

It is our knitting club Christmas fair tomorrow, the weather today is terrible with strong winds and rain and for tomorrow it is even worse with a storm arriving so I am just hoping that all are hard work hasn't been for nothing.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Knitted rug project

The pieces are made from folded knitted strips, my idea is to fit them together to make a rug. I think that it will be a long term project as I keep making other things as well. My idea is to have four flowers for the central pattern then build around it.