Thursday, 21 January 2016

Cross stitch cat

Hello everyone, I haven't put much on my blog for a while as I have been busy with the festivities and also making a few pairs of everyday socks which I didn't post as they weren't anything exciting. My latest project has been this cat cross stitch picture which is for my mum's friends birthday. I am now trying to find a suitable frame for it.
I have also started my Mother's day card which is the cross stitch bird on a branch of blossom. I am going to frame the card using the embossed rose design 
The knitted rug that I started months ago is now turned into the knitting club project. We thought of making a rag rug but not all members were keen, they all liked the rug idea and they will all be able to contribute to the making of it. I will post pictures of how we are progressing.