Monday, 1 February 2016

Framed cross stitch cat, Mother's day card and knitted rug

Hello everyone, this is an update on my projects for this week. The cat picture has now been framed, the Mother's day card is now completed of which I am very pleased with, the design was just the right size for the embossed frame.

I have made some additions to the knitted rug, the flowers have been put together with swirl shapes to fill in the spaces. I am going to introduce a new colour next to frame the central design, I may pick browns and beige, what do you all think!


  1. Brown would be good I think.
    The Mother's Day card is beautiful. How long did it take to make?

  2. the card and cat picture are beautiful and the rug is going to be pretty marvellous too, brown will work well but not so sure about the beige, I think you have used pink and grey but not sure if it is grey it is the grey that is putting me off the beige, sorry have rambled!

  3. The cat looks great framed and the card is really gorgeous! Margaret might have a point that grey and beige are not usually good together, but you'll have to see how it looks in person.

  4. Your framed cat looks so nice and the card is beautiful! You certainly are ahead of the game. What a lovely knitted rug design too. My personal preference would be for browns.