Thursday, 16 June 2016

Cards and updated projects

Hello, it has been a while since I have blogged, time has been filled with crafting of one sort or another.  I have also started to research my family tree which is very time consuming but interesting.

Firstly I will update you on my knitting projects, my aran jumper is progressing at a slow speed. I have finished the back, a sleeve and nearly finished the second sleeve.

The Barbie clothes are finished now, I think that I have made a good selection for the girls to play with.

My niece Evie will be three next month so here are two cards that I have made for her.
Peppa Pig and friends are put on springs so that they wobble.

The bow card I made for my friend Pam.


  1. Barbie will be well dressed. I love, love, love your Aran knitting!

  2. Each of your cards are so different and full of personality; the recipients will be delighted.
    Barbies from all over the world will flock to you for the latest in knit fashion.
    So will fans of Aran knitting, the sweater is just lovely.
    When you look at your roots you will probably find where your creative talents come from.

  3. so much creativity Sudan those dolls clothes must have been so fiddly to make Barbie is going to be the best dressed Barbie of all times. Your aran knitting is coming along well and will keep you so warm come the winter. Beautiful cards too you have such variety in your makes