Friday, 15 July 2016

A mixed bag of crafting

I have finally managed to finish my Aran jumper, it seems to have taken for ever. I am pleased with the jumper but my husband doesn't like the colour but being a woman I will take no notice and wear it anyway.

I have been watching a couple of programmes on the HOCHANDA channel about parchment craft and found myself very taken by the techniques. I have bought a pair of parchment scissors and some paper and these are my cards that I have made so far.

This was the first card that I made, I haven't tried the perforating techniques yet so I embossed the pattern and then painted on the reverse,

with this card I traced the rose pattern and then embossed the white parts with the embossing tools and then painted on the reverse. The border was made by drawing lines on the parchment to make the frill effect. There are lots of ways to use the different techniques and I can't wait to get stuck in!

Here is a little crochet owl that I like the look of and just had to make it.

The next photo is a picture of something my mum found that belonged either to her mum or her auntie. We think it may be some kind of knitting object but other than that we know nothing about it. If anyone knows what it is and how to use it please let me know. The wooden wheel at the bottom turns round.


  1. Do let us know what the mystery object is when you find out. Intriguing. LOVE the owl.

  2. some lovely makes, the jumper colour I like fussy man!You have certainly taken to parchment craft lovely cards, not taken to the new channel prefer c & c easier to see what they are selling but they are certainly pinching the talent from c & c. Hope you owl has cheered up now and sorry cannot help with the tool you must share with us when you find out what it is for.

  3. Congratulations on completing the Aran jumper. I like the colour! Why does it have to be traditionally off white?
    You have found a new passion in parchment. Already you have managed to produce some lovely cards.
    The owl is charming and the 'knitting' tool interesting. Sorry I can't help you, but could it be for tube knitting?

  4. I Love your Aran jumper! The colour as well as the design!! I also wondered about tube knitting. You've certainly taken to the paper craft, good for you.

  5. These are really fantastic. Your little owl reminds me of a red rabbit my Grandma crocheted for me.

  6. Your Aran sweater looks absolutely beautifully knitted. Congratulations! Your parchment cards are certainly lovely and I have a couple of crocheted owls too :)