Friday, 2 September 2016

parchment cards

I have been doing lots of parching over the last few weeks, I am finding it very enjoyable. I still haven't got most of the tools but I have been improvising and making do. The hardest thing is matching a colour for the back of the parchment as it changes the look of the colours. Here area the cards that I have made so far. I have tried to make each one a little bit different so that I am learning new ideas all the time.
This was the first card that I made for my Mum's Birthday

The open book card was an idea I had after seeing some fantastic examples on the internet. I was pleased with my attempt but they are not in the same league as some of the others.

 This card was placed on a blue background

 This is may second attempt, I have made the pages more fancy around the edges, added a darker colour for the background and a different braid. I have made three of these all for my friends and family.

 This one was made by just embossing the parchment

This card is one of my favourites, I like how delicate and feminine it looks


  1. Those are really pretty. I'm sure you'll reach the heights of the ones you saw on the internet, you look to be learning fast!

  2. A great collection of beautiful cards. I have never seen open book cards before and they are WOW! My absolsute favourite, though, is the last one, yes, it is really feminine and elegant.
    Well done, Susan!