Friday, 18 November 2016

knitted patchwork cushion

I have been working on a knitted patchwork cushion, at first it was going to be a blanket but it was taking to long so I decided on a cushion. I knitted different sizes of blocks using different knitted stitches and embellished them using mainly chain, cross stitch and lazy daisy stitches. I now have to add a border and back

I have also made another parchment Christmas card


  1. Love your cushion! Will you knit a back for it? Or use fabric?

    1. I am going to use fabric with a knitted border as I haven't got enough wool left.

  2. Artistic use of embroidery! Lovely.

  3. some fancy knitting pattern in this cushion it is lovely and the card is beautiful too, have mised you blogging good to see you back

  4. Highlighting your stitches with embroidery is a brilliant idea. Your Parchment Christmas Card is so sweet.

  5. This is a charming cushion, and a bit of an I-Spy cushion - so much to see and touch.
    I don't think I have seen outlined (Back Stitch?) Aran cables before.