Tuesday, 6 December 2016

finished knitted patchwork cushion and jumper project

The cushion is now backed with a matching green material and a knitted border.

My next project is a new jumper

I am having problems with this pattern already, I started knitting the front first but the triangle pattern in the middle didn't look right. There are two stitches C2F and C2B, I think they have printed the instructions wrong as the C2F is worked on the back instead of the front and the C2B is on the front, I have always knitted them the other way round before. In the end I started to knit the back and I will test the pattern


  1. Love your cushion! Oh dear, it's really annoying when a pattern is suspect and you have to worry about whether it's correct instead of getting on with the knitting.

  2. Susan the cushion is lovely all those patterns make for a real beauty. Hope you can sort the jumper out too