Friday, 10 March 2017

Nordic mitts, childrens cardigan and practical knitted jumper

Hello, here is my update, a bit late again. I have finished my Nordic mittens, they were a little bit big for my small hands so I have donated them to the knitting club for their charity stall. I have now started another pair in a different pattern and made them a smaller fit, I will post these next time

I have made a little cardigan for my niece Abby, it is just a basic hooded cardigan decorated with embroidered flowers.

I have been knitting for weeks a practical grey jumper made from recycled wool from a crochet jumper that I had, the neck was a bit to wide so I thought that I would undo and make something else and here it is.


  1. What a shame the beautiful mitts are too big to keep. I hope they'll find the perfect home. Sweet cardigan. Good for you for remaking - something I always mean to do but never get around to!

  2. those mitts look very complicated fingers crossed the ones you are doing now will fit perfectly. Such a cute baby jumper and your grey one looks lovely

  3. Your knitting needles have been flashing! You are so productive. The pattern of the mittens is impressive and it will be even more so on a smaller scale.
    Lucky Abby to get such a charming cardi!

  4. It's a pity those pretty mittens didn't fit, but that's a great excuse to make a new pair!

  5. Love he nordic pattern! So pretty!