Thursday, 11 May 2017

Wonky Donkey

The donkey has been made for the donkey sanctuary in Manchester, they sell them in their gift shop to raise money for the charity. My husband called him wonky due to his bandy legs, poor thing, I think he has had a hard life!!

I have started a little embroidery, I was inspired by a programme I watched on hochanda all about Rowandean embroidery kits, I just had to get the sewing hoop out and have a go.

This is a little card that I made, embossed flowers in the middle with a parchment frill


  1. Aah, as they say here, he's not wonky, he's lovely! I hope he raises lots of money and goes to a good home. I like your embroidery, though I don't know what hochanda or Rowandean mean.

  2. Just LOVE your wonky donkey and I hope he raises a lot of money.

  3. But there is a smile on his face! He is so charming, as are the embroidery and the card. Your work is always a delight to see.
    More please!

  4. what a sweet donkey I am sure he will find a new home and will be well loved. Embroidery looking good Rowandean make the most beautiful kits and your card too is very pretty