Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Embroidered cards

This time I have been embroidering cards,  I would like to do another craft fair at some point so I am trying to build up my stock, I have got a long way to go yet and a lot of sewing to do so I think I will aim more for next year.
These are what I have made so far

I have framed them all using an embossed card frame, I thought this was the best idea as the embroideries could be put into proper picture frames or just left as cards.


  1. Gorgeous. I think the poppy is my favourite.

  2. Those are really lovely. I'm sure they'll sell in a flash.

  3. what a lovely collection of cards especially loving the cat on the chair. Not come across the embossed card before mind you I have such a stash of plain ones time I made some cards myself

  4. These are oh so pretty! You do really lovely work.

    Do you punch out the design before you embroider? Is this all done by hand? It looks like it to me.

    Happy stitching ~ FlowerLady

  5. Aren't you a productive lady?! Great cards, they paper work you do with frames and cutouts have always amazed me, here you have EMBROIDERY as well. Lovely!

  6. Oh WOW ! Your Cards are utterly brilliant ! I love them all. The background colours suit them all perfectly. They will sell very easily.