Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Swedish tomte and cards

Hi, I have got lots for you to see this time, I have made lots more cards and I have discovered the Swedish tomte, which is like a father Christmas crossed with a knome. I thought that I would have a go at making some and here is what I made

 This one I didn't knit but made it from an old knitted jumper
 This is a felted one
This one I knitted and put a bell on its hat
I have only done one embroidered card this time as I have been more in the mood for parching so here are my creations.







  1. Lucky people who receive those cards. I don't know the tomte, but I do like your fellows. They're fun.

  2. lovely cards and your tomtes are so cute love how you have made them using different techniques

  3. You certainly have been busy. The Tomte is a childhood friend of mine, of course, and moved with me to Japan where he lives under the floorboards of our house. Every Christmas Eve I cook some rice gruel and give him a bowl.
    Yours are unique; I don't think I've every seen a pink one before!
    Your cards are so elegant.

  4. Your Tomtes are so cute Susan. Your Parchment Cards are beautiful. I zoomed in to see the amazing detail. WOW !