Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Knitted winter hats and neck warmers

Happy new year to you all
I have been preparing for winter with matching hats and neck warmers. I have put beads on top of the hats instead of the usual bobbles. The weather has been very cold and a warm hat and scarf is needed to keep the ears warm.

I have been knitting presents for my nieces for Christmas, I have made them lots of knitted play food and dolls clothes. They have a play kitchen and love pretending to make dinner for us all




  1. Just LOVE your knitted food. What a wonderful idea - very slimming.

  2. What a good aunt you are! Great fun. I like your hats and neck warmers. The neck warmer is more practical than a scarf, I think, doesn't dangle in things.

  3. It is freezing here too, and I also need cap and neck warmer.
    Delicious looking food, and chips with almost everything, ha, ha! I can see that these toys are loved, I wouldn't mind playing cooking, too, instead of actually cooking - no greasy chip pan to clean!